Tuesday, December 19, 2017

Accepting Communications from Those Who Have Crossed Over

With a fresh and honest approach to communicating with those on the other side of death, John Edward connects personally with audience members at live reading events. Held in locales ranging from Las Vegas, Nevada, to Sydney, Australia, John Edward’s events engage audience members as participants in the communications. 

Describing the philosophy of the readings he performs at these events, Mr. Edward described his role as conveying exactly what he hears from the other side, not what people hope to hear. He cautions participants not to “do their own reading” and bend what he says to what they want to hear. 

As an example, Mr. Edward described a reading in Long Island in which an audience member perceived a person who she identified as her father coming through from the other side. It gradually dawned on Mr. Edward that she was not talking about her dad but about her uncle, her dad's twin. At this point, there was an odd situation where the woman did not want to accept that it was not her father, even though there was a completely different name coming through. A medium friend, Shelly, came to the rescue, running to the front of the room and counseling the audience member to accept what Mr. Edward was communicating.

Wednesday, December 13, 2017

A Mother Who Died of Cancer Communicates with Her Daughter

Internationally known for his work as a psychic medium, John Edward communicates with deceased relatives and loved ones who are on the other side. Emphasizing a down-to-earth style that connects with audience members, John Edward holds live reading events around the world. At an event in Atlantic City, New Jersey, he spoke with an attendee who was the grown daughter of a woman who had died of cancer. 

Mr. Edward sensed that the mother had had a form of cancer that was either misdiagnosed or had metastasized. He also sensed the transition energy that had surrounded her as she passed, which he described as being like living in a house for many years and needing to pack everything up for the next stage of a journey. Often, those who are crossing over express this packing process through rambling speech, which at the time can seem incoherent to others. 

Mr. Edward also provided the welcome message that the mother was showing him pink roses, a way of expressing love for those who remain behind. More importantly, she was sending a message to her adopted daughter that she should go out and find her real brother, whom she had never met. 

In addition, the mother sent a message that she was “with the man who had been shot.” This turned out to be the father’s workmate, who had committed suicide. Coincidentally, the daughter and her father had discussed that man in the car on the way to the event. This focus had brought that man along with them as part of the mother’s experience on the other side. As Mr. Edward put it, “Guess what? Mom was listening.”

For the video of this event, as well as many others, visit www.youtube.com/user/psychicmediumje/videos.

Tuesday, December 5, 2017

Sensing Communication from the Other Side

John Edward is a psychic medium with more than three decades of experience helping people reach out to loved ones on the other side. Focused on enabling meaningful communication, John Edward has created an online community of like-minded individuals through Evolve. As described on www.johnedward.net, members of Evolve gain access to educational resources, videos, and podcasts, as well as exclusive opportunities such as the chance to win free tickets to live events. 

During a live event in Atlantic City in 2007, Mr. Edward explained his psychic process, noting that deceased people come through from the other side to communicate because of the love they feel for those who were still living. A stickler for details, he seeks validation that it is indeed the loved one with whom he was communicating, as this made the psychic communication easier to understand. 

Then, Mr. Edward sensed a message coming through from the deceased mother of an audience member. His sense was that the deceased had not spoken clearly during her final days but had tried to convey a message that would put her loved ones at ease. His description resonated deeply with one woman, whose mother had experienced such a situation, and he delved into this with a reading.

Saturday, November 18, 2017

The Importance of Quality, Meaningful Personal Interactions

John Edward is a psychic medium who takes a personal approach to interacting with his vast and loyal community and helping them connect with friends and relatives on the other side. John Edward emphasizes an inclusive, healing message through his Evolve Interactive events and his website www.johnedward.net

In the middle of a divisive US election cycle last year, Mr. Edward drew attention to the small decisions that make all the difference in our lives and point us toward “what is truly important.” Key inflection points can involve deciding whether to stop and open a door for a stranger, or smile at someone through a window. As he puts it, each person has a purpose and a series of lessons to teach and learn before crossing over.

Life is that space between birth and death when one forges friendships, creates families, and learns the importance of time. As Mr. Edward puts it, time is one of the most precious and valuable commodities in existence, and it must be managed well. The way he looks at spending time, each minute is worth $1 million dollars. In this way, it is the quality of interactions and life experiences that is most important, not merely the numerical value placed upon one’s working life.

Thursday, November 2, 2017

Five Tips for Selecting a Psychic Medium

Host of the psychic medium television program Crossing Over, John Edward uses his psychic abilities to predict future events and help people communicate with deceased loved ones. John Edward advises people seeking the assistance of a medium to look for someone who works on developing themselves and avoids blaming failed connections on the energy of the Other Side. The following tips may proof helpful in choosing a medium. 

1. Do research. Take some time to understand the role of a psychic medium and the specific mediums you consider seeking services from. Visit their website and consider its validity by looking for details like the psychic’s picture, attention to detail, and website layout. Illegitimate mediums may use a basic free website or avoid posting pictures of themselves. 

2. Psychic versus psychic medium. Psychics and mediums may not always offer the same services, as psychics read energies to offer guidance with personal issues, while a medium obtains messages from the Other Side. However, a psychic medium may also refer to an individual with both abilities. 

3. Know what you want. Consider the type of reading you want before looking at potential mediums. A “reading” may refer to guidance with personal issues or a communication with a deceased loved one. 

4. Identify warning signs. Familiarize yourself with the warning signs of an illegitimate medium, such as claims that only they can help you or fear tactics. A legitimate medium will not push for frequent sessions and allow time for healing between sessions. Furthermore, introducing substances into a session is a red flag. 

5. Respect your budget. Ask about fees early on and avoid mediums that refuse to give you at least a base range upfront. A higher price does not serve as an indicator for experience, so resist hiring the most expensive medium you come across.

Learn more at https://www.johnedward.net/whats_new.

Friday, October 27, 2017

The Five Stages of Grief

John Edward revolutionized the psychic medium genre through his Crossing Over television series, and continues to help people communicate with their departed loved ones through worldwide live appearances. Mediums like John Edward use their abilities to bring comfort to individuals in the grieving process, who, according to psychologists, often experience a series of stages

Originally applied to patients with terminal illness, the five stages of grief describe the most basic emotional states people experience after losing a loved one. The stages can occur in any order and the extent of each varies from person to person. Furthermore, some individuals may skip one or more stages altogether. The stages are listed as follows.

- Denial. Also referred to as shock and denial or denial and isolation, this stage refers to the point where the individual denies the reality of the situation. They go into a state of shock and may isolate themselves from others or the details of the situation. Many people experience this stage first. 

- Anger. Acknowledging the reality of a death leads to pain, which, for some people, can manifest as anger. People with a sense of guilt may feel anger toward themselves, but others may redirect their anger at others, such as friends, family, or even strangers. Moreover, some religious individuals may begin to question their faith and feel anger at God. 

- Bargaining. In the grieving process, bargaining may occur before the person actually passes or before the death is confirmed. For instance, the individual may attempt to bargain with God for their loved one’s life. Post-death, bargaining may become “what if” and “if only” statements that focus on the idea of altering the past. 

- Depression. Depression is a natural response to losing a loved one and an essential part of the healing process. While some may see depression as something best overcome quickly, psychologists advise people to heal at their own pace and acknowledge their sadness. 

- Acceptance. The final stage of the process, acceptance occurs when the individual accepts the reality of their loved one’s death and begins to move on with life.

Friday, October 20, 2017

Private Readings with John Edwards

Psychic medium John Edward, the former host of Crossing Over, the first television devoted to psychic mediumship, helps people worldwide communicate with their departed loved ones. John Edward remains active in the psychic community and continues to make appearances at live events, radio segments, and personalized meet and greets. He also offers opportunities to purchase private readings. 

Private readings give participants (known as sitters) the chance to meet with Mr. Edward and receive answers to specific questions. While intended for a single individual, up to four sitters may attend for an additional fee of $100 per person. The nature of the reading suggests that sitters share a familial connection or agree to seek communication with a specific deceased family member or individual. Readings occur either at Mr. Edward’s offices on Long Island, New York, or via phone correspondence. Furthermore, sitters may take notes during the sessions, but may not use any form of recording device.

Individuals interested in a private reading must sign up for a free newsletter and select the appropriate interest box at the bottom of the form. Persons who receive private readings are selected at random and must pay a reading fee. 

Visit johnedward.net or youtube.com/user/psychicmediumje/videos to learn more.

Tuesday, October 10, 2017

Help Balance Your Chakras with the Evolve Chakra Bracelet

John Edward is a well-known professional psychic and medium. Through his websites and his Evolve Web series, John Edward provides a number of tools for people who want to communicate with family or friends who have crossed over or explore their own psychic abilities. In addition, he connects individuals to products that help achieve balance in their daily lives, such as the Evolve chakra bracelet.

Chakras are centers in the body that continuously churn energy like a tornado. Each of these vortexes needs to spin in a particular direction for ideal health. The red root chakra is at the base of the spine, and the orange sacral chakra is just below the belly button. Above the belly button is the yellow solar plexus chakra. The other major points include the green heart chakra, the blue throat chakra, and the purple third eye chakra in the middle of the forehead. The top of the head holds the white crown chakra.

Each chakra provides support to a different organ or body system. The Evolve chakra bracelet represents the different chakras by color and provides a reminder of the importance of keeping each balanced. Various books and CDs have been produced by experts in the area to teach people how to keep chakras balanced.

The bracelet is available online at www.johnedward.net. Additional material about Mr. Edward and his work is housed on his YouTube channel at www.youtube.com/user/psychicmediumje/videos.

Friday, September 29, 2017

Explore John Edward’s Impact on Daily Lives with the Cross Country Set

Possessing more than two decades of experience working as a medium, John Edward rose to national prominence through his television show Crossing Over. In addition, John Edward offers a vibrant online community and Web series called Evolve. Individuals can also explore his other productions through DVD products, including the Cross Country DVD set.

A psychic reading proves a profound experience in someone’s life. Many fans began to wonder how these readings affect the rest of people’s lives once they return home. The Cross Country DVD set helps answer that question through 15 episodes of documentary-style exploration. This set also comes with special director’s cut episodes to gain even more insight on the entire process. Through Cross Country, viewers get a look at the studio and the road as Mr. Edward travels across the United States.

As an added bonus, the DVD set comes with an Evolve journal so that viewers can keep track of their thoughts and feelings as they work through the set, which provides more than 900 minutes of material in total. 

The set is currently available online through www.johnedward.net. Additional content also is accessible through Mr. Edward’s YouTube channel at www.youtube.com/user/psychicmediumje/videos.

Wednesday, September 13, 2017

Psychic Medium on Forefront of Growing Psychic Services Industry

John Edward, based in New York City, is a renowned psychic medium with a decades- long career in media, culminating with his online presence, Evolve. A former host of radio and television programs and a best-selling author and speaker, John Edward leads the way in the growing market for psychic services through direct engagement with his audience from his online platform.

In 2016, the international market research firm IBISWorld outlined a bright future for psychic services. Its market research report, said revenues grew at a 2.4 percent average annual rate from 2011-2016. The report observed that the industry included some 83,000 businesses and employing more than 86,000 people.

The report also said that the industry had grown steadily due to a recovering economy and an increasing acceptance on the part of consumers of the advice and life guidance that psychic services are said to provide. IBISWorld did caution, however, that annual growth might be slowed somewhat due to factors like increased regulation.

IBISWorld notes that key factors for business success in the industry are a good reputation, access to niche markets, and easy access for clients. These are achieved through websites such as Evolve that provide content target audiences want, engage with these audiences interactively, and retain users through a quality customer experience.