Saturday, November 18, 2017

The Importance of Quality, Meaningful Personal Interactions

John Edward is a psychic medium who takes a personal approach to interacting with his vast and loyal community and helping them connect with friends and relatives on the other side. John Edward emphasizes an inclusive, healing message through his Evolve Interactive events and his website

In the middle of a divisive US election cycle last year, Mr. Edward drew attention to the small decisions that make all the difference in our lives and point us toward “what is truly important.” Key inflection points can involve deciding whether to stop and open a door for a stranger, or smile at someone through a window. As he puts it, each person has a purpose and a series of lessons to teach and learn before crossing over.

Life is that space between birth and death when one forges friendships, creates families, and learns the importance of time. As Mr. Edward puts it, time is one of the most precious and valuable commodities in existence, and it must be managed well. The way he looks at spending time, each minute is worth $1 million dollars. In this way, it is the quality of interactions and life experiences that is most important, not merely the numerical value placed upon one’s working life.

Thursday, November 2, 2017

Five Tips for Selecting a Psychic Medium

Host of the psychic medium television program Crossing Over, John Edward uses his psychic abilities to predict future events and help people communicate with deceased loved ones. John Edward advises people seeking the assistance of a medium to look for someone who works on developing themselves and avoids blaming failed connections on the energy of the Other Side. The following tips may proof helpful in choosing a medium. 

1. Do research. Take some time to understand the role of a psychic medium and the specific mediums you consider seeking services from. Visit their website and consider its validity by looking for details like the psychic’s picture, attention to detail, and website layout. Illegitimate mediums may use a basic free website or avoid posting pictures of themselves. 

2. Psychic versus psychic medium. Psychics and mediums may not always offer the same services, as psychics read energies to offer guidance with personal issues, while a medium obtains messages from the Other Side. However, a psychic medium may also refer to an individual with both abilities. 

3. Know what you want. Consider the type of reading you want before looking at potential mediums. A “reading” may refer to guidance with personal issues or a communication with a deceased loved one. 

4. Identify warning signs. Familiarize yourself with the warning signs of an illegitimate medium, such as claims that only they can help you or fear tactics. A legitimate medium will not push for frequent sessions and allow time for healing between sessions. Furthermore, introducing substances into a session is a red flag. 

5. Respect your budget. Ask about fees early on and avoid mediums that refuse to give you at least a base range upfront. A higher price does not serve as an indicator for experience, so resist hiring the most expensive medium you come across.

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