Thursday, February 22, 2018

Evolve Provides a Sense of Community for Those Who Mourn

Psychic medium John Edward has devoted his career to helping people reconnect with loved ones who have passed away. In addition to in-person appearances and personal readings, John Edward engages individuals through Evolve, an online platform designed to foster discussion and shared community among those interested in contacting departed loved ones and finding personal healing and growth.

The community, found at, provides video of Mr. Edward’s events for the benefit of those who cannot attend in person, and offers continuing education to members of the public interested in learning more. But one of the strongest reasons to join Evolve remains the fact that members have the chance to connect with one another to share stories, hopes, goals, and messages of mutual support.

Faith leaders and experts in emotional well-being often point to the many benefits of a sense of community for anyone who mourns a loss. Anthropologists point out that for many traditional cultures, the grieving process is shared among all the members of a community group. These cultures typically permit people who have suffered a loss to grieve publicly in ways that are meaningful to them. This contrasts sharply with the common 21st-century American practice of hiding the signs of grieving and assigning a clear boundary line to the time spent in mourning.

The support of a community can help survivors in the process of healing and in reintegrating into society.

Monday, February 12, 2018

The Value of a Good Motivational Quote

Through the online community Evolve, psychic medium John Edward offers a means for people the world over to connect with him and with one another. John Edward’s events and private readings have opened up new avenues of hope and comfort for people seeking contacts with departed loved ones. By joining, individuals can further tap into his wisdom and the insights and experiences of others.

Evolve membership also comes with access to Mr. Edward’s series of inspirational daily quotations. The quotations are selected to focus on building personal resilience and the ability to approach life positively. 

Numerous media outlets have reprinted Mr. Edward’s quotations, drawn from his books and broadcasts. These include encouragement to people to follow their own hearts and intuitions, to listen, and to be prepared to share one’s own life lessons by becoming a teacher for others. 

Even scientists have chimed in recently to promote the value of sharing inspirational quotations. The rich, poetic, or pithy language found in quotes from famous thought leaders, experts say, is often more memorable, and more motivating, than the more prosaic words of a general self-help book.