Friday, January 26, 2018

John Edward’s First Experience with a Psychic Reading

With a calling as a psychic medium that extends decades, John Edward communicates with loved ones on the other side in a process that he compares to daydreaming. In the Hay House online course Project You, John Edward delves into the way in which he developed his skills as a psychic and gained tools for navigating life challenges. 

Mr. Edward notes that his path as a psychic medium began with his first psychic reading as a junior in high school at his grandmother’s house. While his mom was a believer and open to channeling from the other side, his father was a New York police officer who had served in the military and did not believe in psychic phenomena in the slightest. As Mr. Edward puts it, he is a product of this in that he does the readings while analyzing the input critically.

At age 15, Mr. Edward’s attitude was that he was going to debunk the reading, but he walked out of that experience forever changed. The woman he spoke to predicted that he would be responsible for changing the way in which millions of people around the world viewed psychic energy. He didn’t believe her, but as it turns out, three decades later he has hosted a pair of nationally syndicated shows, published numerous books on psychic phenomena, and continues to hold sold-out live reading events around the world. 

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Friday, January 19, 2018

John Edward Demonstrates a Live Psychic Reading on Cityline

In his calling as a psychic medium, John Edward predicts future events and reaches out to communicate with loved ones on the Other Side, a process that he likens to daydreaming. As a guest on the popular Cityline program, John Edward recently demonstrated his process as a medium live.

He began by channeling an energy that he described as connected with a brain tumor or hemorrhage and identified a woman in the audience whose husband had passed away from such a condition. He also sensed a “J” name that turned out to be the grandson of the woman and of the deceased.

A subsequent line of questioning as to whether anyone in the family was planning to purchase a new car revealed that the woman had already started looking into upgrading her vehicle. Sensing that brand loyalty issues were at play, it was revealed that the woman had in fact sold cars for three decades. As Mr. Edward put it, “[the deceased is] making me feel like [he’s saying], ‘step out, live a little, enjoy’.”

A subsequent question, “who’s Stephanie or Stanley,” generated the surprising answer that the woman’s daughter beside her had that name. Two other key insights were that the woman needed to stay on top of her health and that a white flower had appeared to him, which conveyed “happy birthday.”

Friday, January 12, 2018

John Edward Explores His Role as a Psychic Medium and Teacher

An established psychic medium, John Edward engages with participants at Interactive events in helping them reach out and communicate with loved ones on the Other Side. Appearing on the Oprah Winfrey Show in 2014, John Edward described his role as one of being a conduit between those who inhabit the physical world and those who have passed on.

As Mr. Edward puts it, those on the Other Side “beam me their energy and I interpret it” in ways that make sense to the person he is reading. Oprah found the use of the term “energy” in a psychic context interesting, as it related to what she had explored on a previous program about “The Secret,” where people were characterized as vibrating energies, or frequencies. She was most interested in understanding why Mr. Edward would be selected as a bridge for the transference of energy from the Other Side.

Mr. Edward explained that, more than anything, this had to do with his role as a teacher. He sees his function as one of educating those with whom he interacts about “where they are in their lives” and how this can help them. The “pivotal moments” he draws out as a medium empower people in practical ways that influence their life decisions and ability to move on from a loss or tragedy.

Thursday, January 4, 2018

Messages from a Departed Mother to Her Daughter

By focusing on communication with loved ones who have crossed to the other side, psychic medium John Edward has assisted many people at live events. In one 2007 Atlantic City event, John Edward sensed the presence of a mother who had passed on from cancer and identified her grown daughter in the audience. 

Mr. Edward’s initial sense was that the daughter may have been the baby in the family or may have had a baby recently, as the message he heard emphasized acknowledging “the baby energy.” The woman revealed that she was trying to conceive, and his sense was that the baby was coming with the mother’s support. Another insight was that the month of September was somehow significant, whether because of a previous life event or anniversary or because the baby would be born then. 

Mr. Edward went on to speak with the woman about her experience when her mother was passing and the “transition energy” that accompanied the process. He described it as the process of the soul “packing up” what was in the “house” and taking what was essential to the other side. This explained the woman’s incoherence during her last days.

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