Tuesday, December 19, 2017

Accepting Communications from Those Who Have Crossed Over

With a fresh and honest approach to communicating with those on the other side of death, John Edward connects personally with audience members at live reading events. Held in locales ranging from Las Vegas, Nevada, to Sydney, Australia, John Edward’s events engage audience members as participants in the communications. 

Describing the philosophy of the readings he performs at these events, Mr. Edward described his role as conveying exactly what he hears from the other side, not what people hope to hear. He cautions participants not to “do their own reading” and bend what he says to what they want to hear. 

As an example, Mr. Edward described a reading in Long Island in which an audience member perceived a person who she identified as her father coming through from the other side. It gradually dawned on Mr. Edward that she was not talking about her dad but about her uncle, her dad's twin. At this point, there was an odd situation where the woman did not want to accept that it was not her father, even though there was a completely different name coming through. A medium friend, Shelly, came to the rescue, running to the front of the room and counseling the audience member to accept what Mr. Edward was communicating.

Wednesday, December 13, 2017

A Mother Who Died of Cancer Communicates with Her Daughter

Internationally known for his work as a psychic medium, John Edward communicates with deceased relatives and loved ones who are on the other side. Emphasizing a down-to-earth style that connects with audience members, John Edward holds live reading events around the world. At an event in Atlantic City, New Jersey, he spoke with an attendee who was the grown daughter of a woman who had died of cancer. 

Mr. Edward sensed that the mother had had a form of cancer that was either misdiagnosed or had metastasized. He also sensed the transition energy that had surrounded her as she passed, which he described as being like living in a house for many years and needing to pack everything up for the next stage of a journey. Often, those who are crossing over express this packing process through rambling speech, which at the time can seem incoherent to others. 

Mr. Edward also provided the welcome message that the mother was showing him pink roses, a way of expressing love for those who remain behind. More importantly, she was sending a message to her adopted daughter that she should go out and find her real brother, whom she had never met. 

In addition, the mother sent a message that she was “with the man who had been shot.” This turned out to be the father’s workmate, who had committed suicide. Coincidentally, the daughter and her father had discussed that man in the car on the way to the event. This focus had brought that man along with them as part of the mother’s experience on the other side. As Mr. Edward put it, “Guess what? Mom was listening.”

For the video of this event, as well as many others, visit www.youtube.com/user/psychicmediumje/videos.

Tuesday, December 5, 2017

Sensing Communication from the Other Side

John Edward is a psychic medium with more than three decades of experience helping people reach out to loved ones on the other side. Focused on enabling meaningful communication, John Edward has created an online community of like-minded individuals through Evolve. As described on www.johnedward.net, members of Evolve gain access to educational resources, videos, and podcasts, as well as exclusive opportunities such as the chance to win free tickets to live events. 

During a live event in Atlantic City in 2007, Mr. Edward explained his psychic process, noting that deceased people come through from the other side to communicate because of the love they feel for those who were still living. A stickler for details, he seeks validation that it is indeed the loved one with whom he was communicating, as this made the psychic communication easier to understand. 

Then, Mr. Edward sensed a message coming through from the deceased mother of an audience member. His sense was that the deceased had not spoken clearly during her final days but had tried to convey a message that would put her loved ones at ease. His description resonated deeply with one woman, whose mother had experienced such a situation, and he delved into this with a reading.