Thursday, April 19, 2018

Psychic Medium Perception

Psychic medium John Edward ( connects people with family members and friends who have passed. John Edward’s work helps the grieving find closure and move on with their lives after their loved ones have departed.

Psychic mediums perceive spirits in different ways. Some mediums see spirits, either as ghostly figures or in the mind's eye, and may have ideas communicated to them through visual impressions. Other mediums hear spirits though voices or sounds. 

Some mediums perceive spirits as mental events, such as feelings or telepathic knowledge. Other mediums may perceive spirits through a combination of some or all of the above methods.

In most cases, the person soliciting the reading may need to help the medium interpret the signs given by spirits. Observers may also have an effect on message clarity, with open-minded and accepting observers generally receiving a higher quality of message from spirits.

Friday, April 6, 2018

Dealing With Insistent Voices From the Other Side as a Medium

John Edward is a nationally syndicated psychic medium who presents Evolve events in locations ranging from New York to Sydney. John Edward's core focus is in interacting with people who have lost loved ones and want to reconnect with those who are on the Other Side.

Appearing on the Australian program The Circle, John Edward was asked whether voices encountered from those who had passed were ever overly insistent and bothersome. Mr. Edward noted that this only happened while engaged in a reading. At those times, when he is "in the moment” as a medium, he sometimes cannot get past that urgent voice that is communicating. At all other times, he is able to block out the voices and live a normal life. 

An example of this kind of blockage had occurred in the studio when Mr. Edward encountered a voice from the Other Side insisting that a woman named Jennifer had a connection with the month February. The woman absolutely could not think of such a connection during the show and yet after the show revealed that he was communicating with her dad. 

This related to an image of a broken window Mr. Edward had been given, connected to an incident Jennifer had in the company of her dad many years ago. Finally, she realized the February connection must have had to do with her brother's wedding day.