Friday, March 30, 2018

Loved Ones on the Other Side Congratulate a New Addition

John Edward is a psychic medium with more than two decades experience guiding Evolve events in locations from Las Vegas to Melbourne. Employing a process akin to daydreaming, John Edward reaches out to loved ones on the Other Side and brings messages to those still living. 

In one Atlantic City event, Mr. Edward sensed someone who was pregnant and was not sure if the pregnancy had already been announced. One woman in the audience volunteered that her sister had just announced her pregnancy and Mr. Edward followed up by asking if her grandmother had passed. It turned out she has been gone for 36 years and he felt the presence of her coming through, acknowledging the coming child and congratulating the family. 

Mr. Edward also felt that the loved one was making him aware that the family had gone through nostalgic photos and remembering the past. He noted that he is commonly asked whether someone who has passed on many years ago would still be as connected with the remaining family members and asserted yes, as “there is no time boundary when it comes to the love connection you have with your family.” As he puts it, we look at calendars and wear watches here; they don’t. 

Mr. Edward also sensed a dead mouse in the home with some meaning. As it turned out, her husband had found a dead mouse in her wedding dress and had thrown it out as a result. Mr. Edward additionally sensed a Joseph, who was the husband’s father, coming through and congratulating the family on the imminent arrival of a new baby in the family.

Thursday, March 15, 2018

John Edward Readings

While John Edward is best known in the United States for his television shows Crossing Over and Cross Country, he also often performs private readings. Those interested can request a reading through his website,, or attend one of his many events.

John Edward's readings take two forms, private and group. These vary significantly in scope, and those interested in his work should consider the type of event that they might wish to attend.

Group readings, conducted during tour events, allow the general public to attend and enable a wide range of experiences and levels of participation. Not all present at a group reading will receive a reading. Instead, these events follow a format similar to that of his television show, with selected participants receiving a chance to commune with the other side.

Private readings, meanwhile, are intended for single individuals or groups not larger than five, with all sitting participants encouraged to be looking to connect with the same decedent or family member. These readings can be conducted over the phone or at Mr. Edward's office in New York, depending on the needs of the family and their ability to travel. Participants in Evolve, John Edward's online community, may also be randomly selected for a private reading.

Tuesday, March 13, 2018

John Edward's United Kingdom Shows in May

Named one of People Magazine's Most Intriguing People of the Year in 2002, John Edward is a renowned psychic medium who has authored numerous best-selling books and appeared on prominent shows such as The View, The Today Show, Jimmy Kimmel Live, and ABC's 20/20. John Edward also hosts numerous live shows, most of which are in the United States; however, in May, the medium will visit the United Kingdom for a pair of events. 

Before landing in the United Kingdom, Mr. Edward will host a series of events in Eastern United States cities such as Providence, Springfield, Boston, Staten Island, and Bergen County, the last of which, scheduled for May 9, is already sold out. On May 18, he will host a show in Glasgow and, two nights later, will be hosting one in London. 

After an 11-day break, Mr. Edward will resume his touring in the United States. He will once again visit the United Kingdom in September 2018. For more information on these shows or to purchase tickets, visit

Monday, March 5, 2018

John Edward's 2018 United Kingdom Tour

A New York Times Best Sellers list author and renowned psychic medium, John Edward launched the Evolve interactive online community in 2007 and has since transformed it into a show in which fans of his can receive live readings. In September 2018, John Edward will embark on a five-stop United Kingdom tour. 

Mr. Edward predominantly tours throughout the United States, but will bring his Evolve show to Glasgow and London in May and has five other scheduled appearances in September. On September 1, he will host a reserved seating event at the Manchester Opera House and, the following night, will host a show at the Alexandra Theatre in Birmingham. After a 13-day break, he will host shows on successive nights in Edinburgh and Liverpool. 

The five-city tour will conclude on September 18 in Dublin, Ireland, with a show at The Helix at Dublin City University. For more information or to purchase tickets to any of the aforementioned shows, visit