Tuesday, July 17, 2018

John Edward on Facebook Watch

In 2000, psychic medium John Edward began to reach a wide audience through his popular television program, Crossing Over. The show ran for four seasons and was followed by a second show, Cross Country, which ran for three seasons. In 2007, John Edward launched an online community that developed into Evolve Interactive, which includes member readings as part of its weekly web series. Now, audiences everywhere can enjoy his programming through his new show on Facebook Watch.

A new platform for shows on Facebook, Watch is a way for creators and publishers to create a series of videos around a common theme. Like his past programs, The Psychic John Edward is focused on connecting people to loved ones who have passed on. Episodes have featured twins healing together after their father’s passing, parents finding peace after the loss of their child, and a widow connecting with her husband. By subscribing to @thepsychicjohnedward, viewers can watch videos, find out when new episodes are airing, and hear about news such as live events.

To learn more about Mr. Edward, visit his official website at JohnEdward.net.

Tuesday, July 10, 2018

John Edward Live Events in October 2018

Well-known psychic and bestselling author John Edward has spent his career helping people connect with lost loved ones. In addition to sharing his psychic gifts with people through his online community, Evolve Interactive, and private readings, he hosts live shows throughout the country. This October, John Edward will be performing 11 shows in the United States before heading out on an Australian tour.

The first event will be held in Omaha on October 4th, followed by three shows on consecutive nights in Denver; Portland, Oregon; and Seattle. He will be in Missoula on the 9th, Spokane on the 10th, Salt Lake City on the 11th, Indianapolis on the 13th, and Minneapolis/Bloomington on the 14th. He will then travel to the East Coast, where he will appear in Hasbrouck Heights, New Jersey, on October 17 and Rocky Hill, Connecticut, on October 18. These events are often followed by a special event for members of the Evolve community. Tickets are available at www.johnedward.net/events.

Saturday, July 7, 2018

Fall Tour in Australia

A psychic medium and the star of the television shows Crossing Over and Cross Country, John Edward has made an impact on fans that has led to media appearances on shows such as Oprah and Dr. Phil. He has been featured in articles in The New York Times, Entertainment Weekly, and many other publications. John Edward has shared his gift with people in person through multiple tours in the United States and internationally. This November, he will embark on an Australian tour, bringing his live show to people all over the continent.

The tour kicks off in Sydney on October 25th, followed by two shows in Adelaide/Norwood on November 1st and 2nd and one night in Perth on the 4th and in Melbourne/Southbank on the 8th. He will finish the tour with two nights in Brisbane/Chandler on November 10th and 11th, followed by a final event in Cairns on the 13th. The live events are open to all, but members of the Evolve online community are selected at random to receive free tickets. Tickets are available through www.johnedward.net/events.

Wednesday, July 4, 2018

Attendees Share Unique Experiences at Live Psychic Events

World-renowned psychic John Edward travels the globe sharing psychic experiences with his loyal followers. During his many live events, John Edward shares information that personally connects with hundreds of attendees. Below are a few examples:

In Adelaide, he had a man named Craig in the audience at his show. Craig had been convicted of arson and was imprisoned for seven years as a result. At that show, an energy came through that was seeking a person who had been charged for arson after setting a house on fire. Although he didn’t speak up at the event, Craig believes the energy was searching for him, though he doesn’t know how the energy could have been.

A woman’s mother attended another show in 2017 and also didn’t speak up when there was a message for her. According to the message, the recipient was supposed to be the grandmother of Rose. The woman who shared the story has a daughter named Rose and was supposed to attend the event with her mother. However, Rose became sick and was unable to come.

Finally, a woman at the 2018 event in Reno experienced psychic amnesia, a topic that was discussed during the show. While at the show, the audience was asked if anyone had the nickname of “Scrunchy.” A few people spoke up with stories of similar nicknames, but the message was dismissed since they weren’t the true recipients. Later on in the session, the woman at the show remembered that her nickname was “Chunchy Bean” as a kid. But she didn’t speak up since the show had already moved on to a different subject.

For more information, visit www.johnedward.net or view Mr. Edward’s YouTube channel at www.youtube.com/user/psychicmediumje/videos.

Monday, June 25, 2018

Honest Book Tells the Stories of Psychic’s Career Success

For more than three decades, John Edward has helped individuals communicate with loved ones who have crossed over and predict future events through his psychic abilities. In addition to working as a medium, John Edward is an experienced author who has written such books as Crossing Over: The Stories Behind the Stories.

Written with humor, poise, and candidness, a style that is extremely similar to his television show and personal appearances, the book takes readers along the author’s journey to fame and success. During that journey, readers learn more about the controversial issues that the author faced as a psychic medium. They also learn about the people who motivated him to continue along this path and about his discovery of what his work means.

Among the main features of Crossing Over are the stories of the author’s own bruised ego and vanities that came up during his career. While the personal stories of helping people find peace after losing their loved ones are compelling, it’s these behind-the-scenes moments that add a sense of realism and honesty to the book.

For more information, visit www.johnedward.net or view Mr. Edward’s YouTube channel at www.youtube.com/user/psychicmediumje/videos.

Tuesday, June 19, 2018

World-Famous Psychic Going across the Pond

An accomplished lecturer, medium, and author, John Edward has introduced psychic phenomena with an honest and fresh attitude for more than 30 years. Dedicated to reaching as many people as possible, John Edward maintains an online community known as Evolve and regularly hosts live events around the world. 

After several months of touring in the United States, Mr. Edward will visit the United Kingdom on September 1, 2018, and remain on tour there until September 16. During this time, he has scheduled events in Birmingham, Manchester, London, Edinburgh, Torquay, and Liverpool. There is also a live show scheduled in Dublin, Ireland, on September 18 before events return to the United States on September 27.

During each event, Mr. Edward will teach audiences about psychic phenomena and give them a chance to meet and connect with other believers and fans like themselves. Further, these shows have interactive portions that give attendees the chance to communicate with loved ones who have passed to the other side.

For more information, visit www.johnedward.net or view Mr. Edward’s YouTube channel at www.youtube.com/user/psychicmediumje/videos.

Tuesday, May 29, 2018

A Psychic Reading’s Meaning Revealed Later by Family Members

A psychic medium who has guided Evolve events for two decades, John Edward connects with loved ones who are on the Other Side and conveys messages to those still in the physical realm. In an episode of Cross Country with John Edward, he communicated with the loved ones of a number of audience members, including several brothers. 

Communicating with a group of family members, not all of whom were present, he received an important message of acceptance. In particular, he was okay with a “little swan,” one of the brothers who marched to his own drum and had taken a path different from the others. This turned out to be the older brother.

At the same studio reading, Edward heard another voice from a “father figure” associated with the family, and this turned out to be an uncle. He began by asking about whether he collected cars, and it turned out that it was a next door neighbor who collected and restored cars and had taken on a role as father figure upon the father’s early passing. 

He then suddenly asked a question as to whether suicide had been involved in someone’s passing, or a tragic death brought about by another’s actions. This did not garner an immediate response but, as the man Edward talked with in the studio described it, “a lot of things he said didn’t make sense until I called up my brother.” Ultimately, it was the tragedy of the passing of their father, much to soon, that this likely referred to.

Monday, May 21, 2018

A Son Who Went His Own Way with Blessings from the Other Side

John Edward is an internationally known psychic medium who finds ways to communicate with people’s loved ones who are deceased and want reach out to loved ones still living. In one reading featured on Cross Country with John Edward, what he conveyed to family members in a studio setting took on special resonance once an older brother was contacted and the full story emerged.

During the reading, Edward had connected with a father figure presence who “stepped forward,” which meant that he had something important to communicate. This turned out to center on “one of the swans at the back” who wandered off in a different direction from those taken by the other siblings. His sense was that this little swan, rather than becoming lost, gained an empowered sense of identity and “never came back into the family fold.” This person turned out to be the older brother.

The way Edward sensed the father coming across, it was okay that his son had forged his own identity, though he may not have expressed that while he was alive. Rather than a sense of missed opportunity and wasted time, the take home was that the right decision had been made. 

Interviewed later in his home, the older brother spoke about still not having a full time job at age 50. Instead he works on “tall ships,” taking care of the sail riggings and doing night watch at a time when “most people are looking at their retirement accounts.” Another brother described a peace of mind that emerged from the knowledge that their father was okay with his brother's life decision.

Wednesday, May 16, 2018

Connecting with a Father Who "Steps Forward” on the Other Side

For three decades, John Edward has had a calling as a psychic and assisted people around the world in reconnecting with family members who have passed on to the Other Side. He provided insight into one audience member's family situation in a reading featured in an episode of the program Cross Country with John Edward. 

Speaking with a man in his 40s, Edward sensed the energy of a “father figure” who had passed on to the other side. He also sensed a white being near the person, which usually indicates something about a family member being in the health care field. As it turned out, this was the older brother. Another connection was a “J or G name,” and the man he talked with turned out to be named Jay. 

John Edward also sensed a connection to cancer, and felt that the father figure was not in his right mind at the end of his life. As it turned out, the father had had a brain tumor and been deprived of speech during his last months. 

An identifying mark presented itself, the number nine, which related to the age of the man when his father passed. The deceased father was showing pink roses, which represent a sign of love, and was “stepping forward.” 

This occurs when someone (such as a late mother) wants to connect with family members and the other person “steps in front” of him or her. The reason is that “it is important that you hear from me,” to rectify things that were left unresolved or unexpressed. A take home message was that the father was watching over his family and was okay with one of his sons who had taken a path in a different direction from the others.

To learn more about John Edward and his journeys into the unexplained, please visit johnedward.net.

Thursday, May 10, 2018

What Are the Benefits of Joining Evolve Interactive?

Psychic medium John Edward has made it his life’s mission to connect people with their loved ones who have passed away. John Edward shares his message through his website www.johnedward.net and through Evolve Interactive. 

Evolve Interactive is an online community of people looking to learn about their own energy, connect with someone from the other side, and share with others on a similar journey. Members of the yearly subscription community enjoy a number of benefits including: 

-Access to premium content and features. This includes John’s most recent book Above and Beyond. 
-Access to videos and podcasts on mediation and more. 
-Access to a weekly episode of Evolve posted every Sunday morning at 10 a.m. Previous episodes are also available for viewing. 
-Membership to the Evolve community of supportive and enthusiastic learners. 
-An opportunity to win giveaways. Periodically, five members are randomly selected to either attend a live event in their town for free, receive free private readings, receive appreciation packs delivered by mail, or have their questions answered by John.

Wednesday, May 2, 2018

World-Renowned Medium Visiting United Kingdom in September 2018

A bestselling author and psychic, John Edward connects people with their loved ones in the afterlife. Committed to helping ordinary people across the world live their fullest lives, John Edward holds events around the world to share his insights with people. 

In September 2018 John will be in the United Kingdom, where he will hold a number of Crossing Over events. His tour will kick off on September 1 at the Opera House in Manchester. The next day, he will be at the New Alexandra Theatre in Birmingham and on September 5, the Princess Theatre in Torquay. The world-renowned medium will wrap up his United Kingdom visit with two final events on September 15 and 16 at the Edinburgh Playhouse in Edinburgh and the Liverpool Empire in Liverpool, respectively. 

All events are scheduled to start at 7:30 p.m., and will offer regular and VIP tickets. VIP ticket holders will enjoy front row seats, a one-year membership to Evolve Interactive, and an opportunity for an exclusive Q&A session with John after the event. For more information, visit www.johnedward.net.

Thursday, April 19, 2018

Psychic Medium Perception

Psychic medium John Edward (johnedward.net) connects people with family members and friends who have passed. John Edward’s work helps the grieving find closure and move on with their lives after their loved ones have departed.

Psychic mediums perceive spirits in different ways. Some mediums see spirits, either as ghostly figures or in the mind's eye, and may have ideas communicated to them through visual impressions. Other mediums hear spirits though voices or sounds. 

Some mediums perceive spirits as mental events, such as feelings or telepathic knowledge. Other mediums may perceive spirits through a combination of some or all of the above methods.

In most cases, the person soliciting the reading may need to help the medium interpret the signs given by spirits. Observers may also have an effect on message clarity, with open-minded and accepting observers generally receiving a higher quality of message from spirits.

Friday, April 6, 2018

Dealing With Insistent Voices From the Other Side as a Medium

John Edward is a nationally syndicated psychic medium who presents Evolve events in locations ranging from New York to Sydney. John Edward's core focus is in interacting with people who have lost loved ones and want to reconnect with those who are on the Other Side.

Appearing on the Australian program The Circle, John Edward was asked whether voices encountered from those who had passed were ever overly insistent and bothersome. Mr. Edward noted that this only happened while engaged in a reading. At those times, when he is "in the moment” as a medium, he sometimes cannot get past that urgent voice that is communicating. At all other times, he is able to block out the voices and live a normal life. 

An example of this kind of blockage had occurred in the studio when Mr. Edward encountered a voice from the Other Side insisting that a woman named Jennifer had a connection with the month February. The woman absolutely could not think of such a connection during the show and yet after the show revealed that he was communicating with her dad. 

This related to an image of a broken window Mr. Edward had been given, connected to an incident Jennifer had in the company of her dad many years ago. Finally, she realized the February connection must have had to do with her brother's wedding day.

Friday, March 30, 2018

Loved Ones on the Other Side Congratulate a New Addition

John Edward is a psychic medium with more than two decades experience guiding Evolve events in locations from Las Vegas to Melbourne. Employing a process akin to daydreaming, John Edward reaches out to loved ones on the Other Side and brings messages to those still living. 

In one Atlantic City event, Mr. Edward sensed someone who was pregnant and was not sure if the pregnancy had already been announced. One woman in the audience volunteered that her sister had just announced her pregnancy and Mr. Edward followed up by asking if her grandmother had passed. It turned out she has been gone for 36 years and he felt the presence of her coming through, acknowledging the coming child and congratulating the family. 

Mr. Edward also felt that the loved one was making him aware that the family had gone through nostalgic photos and remembering the past. He noted that he is commonly asked whether someone who has passed on many years ago would still be as connected with the remaining family members and asserted yes, as “there is no time boundary when it comes to the love connection you have with your family.” As he puts it, we look at calendars and wear watches here; they don’t. 

Mr. Edward also sensed a dead mouse in the home with some meaning. As it turned out, her husband had found a dead mouse in her wedding dress and had thrown it out as a result. Mr. Edward additionally sensed a Joseph, who was the husband’s father, coming through and congratulating the family on the imminent arrival of a new baby in the family.

Thursday, March 15, 2018

John Edward Readings

While John Edward is best known in the United States for his television shows Crossing Over and Cross Country, he also often performs private readings. Those interested can request a reading through his website, johnedward.net, or attend one of his many events.

John Edward's readings take two forms, private and group. These vary significantly in scope, and those interested in his work should consider the type of event that they might wish to attend.

Group readings, conducted during tour events, allow the general public to attend and enable a wide range of experiences and levels of participation. Not all present at a group reading will receive a reading. Instead, these events follow a format similar to that of his television show, with selected participants receiving a chance to commune with the other side.

Private readings, meanwhile, are intended for single individuals or groups not larger than five, with all sitting participants encouraged to be looking to connect with the same decedent or family member. These readings can be conducted over the phone or at Mr. Edward's office in New York, depending on the needs of the family and their ability to travel. Participants in Evolve, John Edward's online community, may also be randomly selected for a private reading.

Tuesday, March 13, 2018

John Edward's United Kingdom Shows in May

Named one of People Magazine's Most Intriguing People of the Year in 2002, John Edward is a renowned psychic medium who has authored numerous best-selling books and appeared on prominent shows such as The View, The Today Show, Jimmy Kimmel Live, and ABC's 20/20. John Edward also hosts numerous live shows, most of which are in the United States; however, in May, the medium will visit the United Kingdom for a pair of events. 

Before landing in the United Kingdom, Mr. Edward will host a series of events in Eastern United States cities such as Providence, Springfield, Boston, Staten Island, and Bergen County, the last of which, scheduled for May 9, is already sold out. On May 18, he will host a show in Glasgow and, two nights later, will be hosting one in London. 

After an 11-day break, Mr. Edward will resume his touring in the United States. He will once again visit the United Kingdom in September 2018. For more information on these shows or to purchase tickets, visit https://www.johnedward.net/events.

Monday, March 5, 2018

John Edward's 2018 United Kingdom Tour

A New York Times Best Sellers list author and renowned psychic medium, John Edward launched the Evolve interactive online community in 2007 and has since transformed it into a show in which fans of his can receive live readings. In September 2018, John Edward will embark on a five-stop United Kingdom tour. 

Mr. Edward predominantly tours throughout the United States, but will bring his Evolve show to Glasgow and London in May and has five other scheduled appearances in September. On September 1, he will host a reserved seating event at the Manchester Opera House and, the following night, will host a show at the Alexandra Theatre in Birmingham. After a 13-day break, he will host shows on successive nights in Edinburgh and Liverpool. 

The five-city tour will conclude on September 18 in Dublin, Ireland, with a show at The Helix at Dublin City University. For more information or to purchase tickets to any of the aforementioned shows, visit https://www.johnedward.net/events.

Thursday, February 22, 2018

Evolve Provides a Sense of Community for Those Who Mourn

Psychic medium John Edward has devoted his career to helping people reconnect with loved ones who have passed away. In addition to in-person appearances and personal readings, John Edward engages individuals through Evolve, an online platform designed to foster discussion and shared community among those interested in contacting departed loved ones and finding personal healing and growth.

The community, found at JohnEdward.net/Evolve, provides video of Mr. Edward’s events for the benefit of those who cannot attend in person, and offers continuing education to members of the public interested in learning more. But one of the strongest reasons to join Evolve remains the fact that members have the chance to connect with one another to share stories, hopes, goals, and messages of mutual support.

Faith leaders and experts in emotional well-being often point to the many benefits of a sense of community for anyone who mourns a loss. Anthropologists point out that for many traditional cultures, the grieving process is shared among all the members of a community group. These cultures typically permit people who have suffered a loss to grieve publicly in ways that are meaningful to them. This contrasts sharply with the common 21st-century American practice of hiding the signs of grieving and assigning a clear boundary line to the time spent in mourning.

The support of a community can help survivors in the process of healing and in reintegrating into society.

Monday, February 12, 2018

The Value of a Good Motivational Quote

Through the online community Evolve, psychic medium John Edward offers a means for people the world over to connect with him and with one another. John Edward’s events and private readings have opened up new avenues of hope and comfort for people seeking contacts with departed loved ones. By joining JohnEdward.net/Evolve, individuals can further tap into his wisdom and the insights and experiences of others.

Evolve membership also comes with access to Mr. Edward’s series of inspirational daily quotations. The quotations are selected to focus on building personal resilience and the ability to approach life positively. 

Numerous media outlets have reprinted Mr. Edward’s quotations, drawn from his books and broadcasts. These include encouragement to people to follow their own hearts and intuitions, to listen, and to be prepared to share one’s own life lessons by becoming a teacher for others. 

Even scientists have chimed in recently to promote the value of sharing inspirational quotations. The rich, poetic, or pithy language found in quotes from famous thought leaders, experts say, is often more memorable, and more motivating, than the more prosaic words of a general self-help book.

Friday, January 26, 2018

John Edward’s First Experience with a Psychic Reading

With a calling as a psychic medium that extends decades, John Edward communicates with loved ones on the other side in a process that he compares to daydreaming. In the Hay House online course Project You, John Edward delves into the way in which he developed his skills as a psychic and gained tools for navigating life challenges. 

Mr. Edward notes that his path as a psychic medium began with his first psychic reading as a junior in high school at his grandmother’s house. While his mom was a believer and open to channeling from the other side, his father was a New York police officer who had served in the military and did not believe in psychic phenomena in the slightest. As Mr. Edward puts it, he is a product of this in that he does the readings while analyzing the input critically.

At age 15, Mr. Edward’s attitude was that he was going to debunk the reading, but he walked out of that experience forever changed. The woman he spoke to predicted that he would be responsible for changing the way in which millions of people around the world viewed psychic energy. He didn’t believe her, but as it turns out, three decades later he has hosted a pair of nationally syndicated shows, published numerous books on psychic phenomena, and continues to hold sold-out live reading events around the world. 

For more information, visit www.johnedward.net or www.youtube.com/user/psychicmediumje/videos.

Friday, January 19, 2018

John Edward Demonstrates a Live Psychic Reading on Cityline

In his calling as a psychic medium, John Edward predicts future events and reaches out to communicate with loved ones on the Other Side, a process that he likens to daydreaming. As a guest on the popular Cityline program, John Edward recently demonstrated his process as a medium live.

He began by channeling an energy that he described as connected with a brain tumor or hemorrhage and identified a woman in the audience whose husband had passed away from such a condition. He also sensed a “J” name that turned out to be the grandson of the woman and of the deceased.

A subsequent line of questioning as to whether anyone in the family was planning to purchase a new car revealed that the woman had already started looking into upgrading her vehicle. Sensing that brand loyalty issues were at play, it was revealed that the woman had in fact sold cars for three decades. As Mr. Edward put it, “[the deceased is] making me feel like [he’s saying], ‘step out, live a little, enjoy’.”

A subsequent question, “who’s Stephanie or Stanley,” generated the surprising answer that the woman’s daughter beside her had that name. Two other key insights were that the woman needed to stay on top of her health and that a white flower had appeared to him, which conveyed “happy birthday.”

Friday, January 12, 2018

John Edward Explores His Role as a Psychic Medium and Teacher

An established psychic medium, John Edward engages with participants at Interactive events in helping them reach out and communicate with loved ones on the Other Side. Appearing on the Oprah Winfrey Show in 2014, John Edward described his role as one of being a conduit between those who inhabit the physical world and those who have passed on.

As Mr. Edward puts it, those on the Other Side “beam me their energy and I interpret it” in ways that make sense to the person he is reading. Oprah found the use of the term “energy” in a psychic context interesting, as it related to what she had explored on a previous program about “The Secret,” where people were characterized as vibrating energies, or frequencies. She was most interested in understanding why Mr. Edward would be selected as a bridge for the transference of energy from the Other Side.

Mr. Edward explained that, more than anything, this had to do with his role as a teacher. He sees his function as one of educating those with whom he interacts about “where they are in their lives” and how this can help them. The “pivotal moments” he draws out as a medium empower people in practical ways that influence their life decisions and ability to move on from a loss or tragedy.

Thursday, January 4, 2018

Messages from a Departed Mother to Her Daughter

By focusing on communication with loved ones who have crossed to the other side, psychic medium John Edward has assisted many people at live events. In one 2007 Atlantic City event, John Edward sensed the presence of a mother who had passed on from cancer and identified her grown daughter in the audience. 

Mr. Edward’s initial sense was that the daughter may have been the baby in the family or may have had a baby recently, as the message he heard emphasized acknowledging “the baby energy.” The woman revealed that she was trying to conceive, and his sense was that the baby was coming with the mother’s support. Another insight was that the month of September was somehow significant, whether because of a previous life event or anniversary or because the baby would be born then. 

Mr. Edward went on to speak with the woman about her experience when her mother was passing and the “transition energy” that accompanied the process. He described it as the process of the soul “packing up” what was in the “house” and taking what was essential to the other side. This explained the woman’s incoherence during her last days.

More videos of live events are available at www.youtube.com/user/psychicmediumje.