Friday, October 27, 2017

The Five Stages of Grief

John Edward revolutionized the psychic medium genre through his Crossing Over television series, and continues to help people communicate with their departed loved ones through worldwide live appearances. Mediums like John Edward use their abilities to bring comfort to individuals in the grieving process, who, according to psychologists, often experience a series of stages

Originally applied to patients with terminal illness, the five stages of grief describe the most basic emotional states people experience after losing a loved one. The stages can occur in any order and the extent of each varies from person to person. Furthermore, some individuals may skip one or more stages altogether. The stages are listed as follows.

- Denial. Also referred to as shock and denial or denial and isolation, this stage refers to the point where the individual denies the reality of the situation. They go into a state of shock and may isolate themselves from others or the details of the situation. Many people experience this stage first. 

- Anger. Acknowledging the reality of a death leads to pain, which, for some people, can manifest as anger. People with a sense of guilt may feel anger toward themselves, but others may redirect their anger at others, such as friends, family, or even strangers. Moreover, some religious individuals may begin to question their faith and feel anger at God. 

- Bargaining. In the grieving process, bargaining may occur before the person actually passes or before the death is confirmed. For instance, the individual may attempt to bargain with God for their loved one’s life. Post-death, bargaining may become “what if” and “if only” statements that focus on the idea of altering the past. 

- Depression. Depression is a natural response to losing a loved one and an essential part of the healing process. While some may see depression as something best overcome quickly, psychologists advise people to heal at their own pace and acknowledge their sadness. 

- Acceptance. The final stage of the process, acceptance occurs when the individual accepts the reality of their loved one’s death and begins to move on with life.

Friday, October 20, 2017

Private Readings with John Edwards

Psychic medium John Edward, the former host of Crossing Over, the first television devoted to psychic mediumship, helps people worldwide communicate with their departed loved ones. John Edward remains active in the psychic community and continues to make appearances at live events, radio segments, and personalized meet and greets. He also offers opportunities to purchase private readings. 

Private readings give participants (known as sitters) the chance to meet with Mr. Edward and receive answers to specific questions. While intended for a single individual, up to four sitters may attend for an additional fee of $100 per person. The nature of the reading suggests that sitters share a familial connection or agree to seek communication with a specific deceased family member or individual. Readings occur either at Mr. Edward’s offices on Long Island, New York, or via phone correspondence. Furthermore, sitters may take notes during the sessions, but may not use any form of recording device.

Individuals interested in a private reading must sign up for a free newsletter and select the appropriate interest box at the bottom of the form. Persons who receive private readings are selected at random and must pay a reading fee. 

Visit or to learn more.

Tuesday, October 10, 2017

Help Balance Your Chakras with the Evolve Chakra Bracelet

John Edward is a well-known professional psychic and medium. Through his websites and his Evolve Web series, John Edward provides a number of tools for people who want to communicate with family or friends who have crossed over or explore their own psychic abilities. In addition, he connects individuals to products that help achieve balance in their daily lives, such as the Evolve chakra bracelet.

Chakras are centers in the body that continuously churn energy like a tornado. Each of these vortexes needs to spin in a particular direction for ideal health. The red root chakra is at the base of the spine, and the orange sacral chakra is just below the belly button. Above the belly button is the yellow solar plexus chakra. The other major points include the green heart chakra, the blue throat chakra, and the purple third eye chakra in the middle of the forehead. The top of the head holds the white crown chakra.

Each chakra provides support to a different organ or body system. The Evolve chakra bracelet represents the different chakras by color and provides a reminder of the importance of keeping each balanced. Various books and CDs have been produced by experts in the area to teach people how to keep chakras balanced.

The bracelet is available online at Additional material about Mr. Edward and his work is housed on his YouTube channel at