Monday, April 6, 2020

Psychic Phenomenon - Believing the Unbelievable

Famed psychic John Edward is most widely known for his work on Crossing Over, a television show with a simple talk show format where he and audience members communicated with lost loved ones. Since the show's ending, John Edward still holds speaking engagements, has published a few books, all which received critical acclaim, and is accessible to fans and followers through his site,

The show and its host brought certain respectability to the psychic industry, previously relegated to late-night spots that featured mediums promising audiences accurate readings. Today, maybe because of the influence of the show or not, more than 25 percent of people believe humans have telepathic powers or are clairvoyant, according to a Gallup survey.

One of the reasons this might be so is because research has generated mixed results. There are so many examples of fraudulent psychics to refute telepathic abilities or clairvoyance beginning with Lajos Pap, a Hungarian medium and continuing with present-day examples like Peter Popoff. Moreover, many argue that claims made by psychics tend to be vague and very general, claims that could apply to a large number of people within a certain population.

However, scientific research supports the notion that humans do in fact have psychic abilities. A scientific paper published in the Journal of Personality and Social Psychology supported the idea that humans could forecast future events. While this research has not been duplicated, many still believe that it is possible through telepathy or clairvoyance to know the unknown.