Tuesday, March 10, 2020

The Tarot Helps Reconnect with Forgotten Spiritual Wisdom

World-renowned psychic medium John Edward has established an online collective called Evolve, designed to offer members the chance to access information on how to incorporate an understanding of the spirit world into their everyday lives. In a 2015 appearance on CNN, John Edward shared how his personal journey toward understanding his own psychic abilities happened in his teens when he was introduced to the tarot. The page on his website dedicated to Evolve honors this connection with its depictions of a few of the best-known figures from the classic deck.

Historians date the origins of the tarot to Italy in the early to the mid-15th century. Experienced mediums and tarot readers often point out, however, that the richly symbolic images of these colorful and beautiful cards are designed to evoke archetypes and insights into the human condition that are much older.

An experienced and sensitive tarot reader is often able to help a querent find new meanings - and new possibilities - in his or her past and present lives. While the focus of a reading can be on a particular problem the querent wants to solve, the cards can also inspire reflection about larger issues. They can provide guidance in matters involving relationships, business decisions, home and family, and overcoming obstacles, with the responses being as individual as each querent.

Learn more about John’s work by exploring johnedward.net.

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