Thursday, May 7, 2020

How Psychics Predict the Future

After spending several years as the presenter of the syndicated television series Crossing Over, psychic John Edward established the online membership program Evolve. In addition to airing a weekly series exclusively for Evolve members, John Edward also shares his ability to channel spirits on the other side and predict the future through his live shows.

Psychics who have refined their ability to read and interpret energy may be able to read subtle signs that can indicate future events. For example, psychics may be able to sense slight changes in the earth that precede natural events like earthquakes. Others may be able to read a person’s auric field, where future events manifest as energy before appearing in the material plane.

No matter how a psychic gathers information for predicting the future, it is never set in stone. That is because energy can be shifted or changed at any time. People seeking guidance about future events should view the information a psychic provides as guidelines rather than a roadmap of coming events.

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