Thursday, May 14, 2020

Understanding the Language of Spirit Guides

Through his abilities as a medium, John Edward has brought closure to thousands of families grieving lost loved ones. A respected guru in the field of spirituality, John Edward authored the audiobook Understanding Your Angels and Meeting Your Guides, which is designed to help readers recognize messages from their spirit guides.

Spirit guides accompany humans throughout their lives to provide them with protection and spiritual support. Since these guides are ethereal, they must use subtle means of communication. The most common way guides engage with people is through dreams. In the waking world, spirit guides send messages by initiating synchronicity between an individual's thoughts and environment.

For example, to ensure that a person follows his or her gut instinct about a situation, the guide may focus the person’s attention to the same sequence of numbers every time he or she contemplates the issue. After this occurs a few times, the person will pay closer attention to their feelings.

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